Local Jeweller Receives National Award

Local Jeweller chosen by Professional Jeweller Magazine as an industry ’mover and shaker’ awarded the Hot 100 Trailblazer

Two months ago Andrew Berry, of Andrew Berry Jewellery, Ystrad Mynach, South Wales, received an email from the editor of the national Professional Jeweller magazine saying that he had been chosen as a ‘Trailblazer’ for the ‘Hot 100’! The Hot 100 is a list of 100 names which included up-and-coming and established jewellery designers; the UK’s finest independent and multiple retailers and a number of business leaders, or ‘Trailblazers’, that collectively keep the industry charging forward. As with the Queen’s Birthday Honours List, Andrew was sworn to secrecy until all the names were officially announced at an Award Party this month at the very prestigious ‘One Marylebone’ in London.

Now that the ‘cat is out of the bag’, we can now reveal that Andrew’s online company, At The Bench.com, has had a ‘pat on the back’ from the ‘big wigs’. This gives At The Bench even greater recognition within the industry as an important contributor within the jewellery training sector, which sees Andrew and his team harness the power of the internet to help train the thousands of jewellery designers and makers around the world.

What Influenced Andrew to set up At The Bench
The creation of jewellery is often never seen by the public as the workshops are usually hidden away out of sight to its customers, and goldsmiths often spend a lifetime learning their trade often only to eventually pass away taking all their knowledge with them. This was the main driving force behind the creation of At The Bench. Andrew wanted to be able to pass on his extensive knowledge of the trade, and that of other jewellery professionals, to ensure the ancient craft of goldsmithing does not die out in the future.

Andrew told us, “When I was in school I was really lucky to have a Design Technology teacher who was so enthusiastic about this subject that he encouraged me every step of the way, and this passion continued when I went to University. Over 30 years later I am fortunate to still be enjoying my jewellery career, and now, not only as a maker but also as an educator. At The Bench was ‘born’ by my desire to show enthusiastic people how a piece of jewellery is made. I believe that by showing tips and tricks as well as techniques, picked up from a lifetime’s experience, through our on line training videos, it enhances learning even further than just reading techniques from books.”

So what is “At The Bench”?
At the Bench is an award winning company that supplies online quality and affordable video jewellery training for anyone interested in learning to make jewellery, from a beginner right through to professional level. The site streams videos showing professional jeweller Andrew Berry and other industry-leading craftsmen teaching their trade in downloadable ‘chunks,’ with clear step by step instructions and lots of advice given at every stage of the way. At the Bench is aimed at both the amateur and professional jeweller alike and is structured into ‘bite-size’ learning films of around 15 minutes each in length. This type of learning enables students to pick up new, advanced or ‘back to basics’ techniques on every subject in easy to follow stages. Membership is subscription based which means you can join for a month or a year and have unlimited access to whole site and view the whole Video Bank of films already on-line, with at least 3 new films added every week and bonus material. You are able to download films so you can watch them on your media player if you are not able to connect to the internet. As a member you will also be able to suggest topics and new film ideas as well!

• Contact Andrew Berry on 0777 25 777 48 or 01443 815555
• Email andrew@atthebench.com

• Visit www.ProfessionalJeweller.com
• Or www.professionaljeweller.com/in-depth/hot-100/

Some pictures from the award ceremony

The cover of the Professional Jeweller Award Book

View of ‘One Marylebone’, London

Over 600 invite only guests filled One Marylebone

Andrew with his wife Ceri

The Jewellery HOT100 event held at One Marylebone, 3rd September 2013 Photography by Fergus Burnett
Andrew in front of the Hot 100 photo board

Click above image to download Andrew’s page in the Hot 100 book